Day: June 24, 2016

Review of ‘Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea’

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FBI Agent Max Callahan goes back to his southern hometown to bust a white collar crime ring. He plans a quick ‘in and out,’ but his planes are derailed when he meets Samantha Peterson, a beautiful woman who not only has the evidence he needs to close his case, but all the hot charm that southern women are famous for.

Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea by Kris Calvert is an exciting romp through the small towns and backwoods with enough hot action to keep your pulse racing from page one to the end. It will be instantly familiar to anyone who has lived below the Mason-Dixon Line, and a good introduction to the south to those who haven’t.

Everything is hotter in the south, and that includes all action—legal and otherwise. You really ought to read this book. I received it as a gift, and once I started reading it, I skipped a couple of meals to finish it. I give it four stars, and look forward to the author’s next book.