Day: June 15, 2016

Review of ‘Die by the Pen’

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FBI Agent and former Olympian Naomi Soul, and her partner agent Xue Sang are supposed to be on vacation in Florida. But, when two famous authors start turning up killed using methods in their books, they’re assigned to be observers in the investigations. When the same thing starts happening in California, they’re certain there’s a particularly vicious and intelligent serial killer on the prowl. As they get closer to the killer, Naomi finds herself in the crosshairs. Can she find the killer before she becomes the next victim? Read Miles A. Maxwell’s Die by the Pen and find out.

A chilling thriller that follows Naomi and her partner from east to west coast and back, in pursuit of a killer whose methods are bizarre, but whose motive is even stranger. A surprise on nearly every page in a mystery that you won’t be able to put down. The ending will blow your mind.

I give this book four stars.