Review of ‘Ribbons of Death’

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When a horribly scarred man shows up at the door to her isolated cabin, and shows her a blood-stained book, Stella Hunter is convinced that her ‘Peace-taker’ theory, a theory that got her branded as a crackpot by her fellow researchers, and ended her marriage, is finally validated. She believes that once in a Blue Moon, a child is born with the ability to cause people to erupt into a frenzy of killing by merely walking among them. With the aid of the scarred stranger, Carter, she sets out to prove her theory and stop the madness that threatens to engulf the U.S. But, can she do it when she could easily be killed by a total stranger standing next to her?

Ribbons of Death by Edita A. Petrick is a chilling tale that combines the paranormal and international thriller genres effortlessly into a tapestry of horror and intrigue. The characters, in larger-than-life situations, are all too human, and even the supernatural is made logical in this finely crafted story that will keep you reading—and breathless—until the very satisfying end. It has a few military inaccuracies—which won’t be noticed by anyone unfamiliar with the military—but, it didn’t keep even an old veteran like me from enjoying it.

I give it four stars.


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