Day: June 11, 2016

Review of ‘The Shaman’s Mate’

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National Park Ranger Jason Cloud is one of the Park Service’s top trackers, but he finds himself at a dead end when he’s tracking the men who killed his wife in a robbery until a stranger, Hania, helps him find them and bring them to justice. Later, while drinking, Jason is brought by Hania to a strange place where he meets Aiyana, the shaman of her community. What happens next blows Jason’s mind. He is told that Aiyana, and Hania her brother, are members of the Chilean tribe, and that Jason has been ordained to be the mate of Aiyana.

The Shaman’s Mate by Donna McDonald is a delightful tour through space and time with a  heaping of romance thrown in that will delight both fantasy and romance fans. Word of warning, the author is quite explicit in describing the physical encounters, so if you’re offended by such things, you might want to give this book a pass. For those, though, who are not prudish, I assure you that you’ll identify with and be delighted by the author’s characters and the world that she has constructed.

I give this book four stars.