Day: June 9, 2016

Review of ‘Road Blocked’

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PI Reed Ferguson and his new wife, Willie, are on honeymoon in Tahiti. They encounter a corpse on the beach. The man had been murdered.

Back home in Denver, a strange guy hires Reed because he thinks his life is being threatened. Reed takes the case, but finds that something’s a bit off about his client, a doctor who claims that one of his partners is committing Medicare fraud and wants to kill him to cover it up.

Road Blocked by Renee Pawlish is another humorous adventure of film noire devotee Reed Ferguson and his oddball assortment of associates going head-to-head and toe-to-toe with the bad guys, and prevailing despite their fumbling and stumbling.

Reed Ferguson doesn’t fit any neat category of fictional detective, and I haven’t yet come up with a good label, so for now, let’s just say that he’s a delight to know. I give Pawlish five stars for this one.