Day: May 20, 2016

Review of ‘The Flame and the Arrow

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Annika Brisby is an aspiring rock star. When she breaks up with her boyfriend, she’s unsure where her life is heading, so she accepts an invitation from her uncle, Vince, to join him in Bulgaria. While there, she encounters a strange young man and two young women in a book store. Later, when she meets them again in the forest, she follows and is pulled through a portal into a world that she could never have imagined; a world where she learns her heritage.

The Flame and the Arrow by Emigh Cannaday is a strange tale, with elements of science fiction, magic, and modern life, melded together in an enchanting, and at times humorous, mélange that will delight you regardless of your genre preference. Oh, and it has a few steamy scenes that romance devotees will enjoy.

Cannaday has woven a fascinating tale that you’ll find hard to put down. It’ll make you laugh and cry in turns, and leave you panting for more. Meet Annika Brisby, a new-age heroine with some old-fashioned ideas of love, life, and adventure.

A four-star opening salvo to what I predict will be a fascinating series.

6 Tips to Create a Rockin’ Awesome Book Cover

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I have seen some terrible book covers over my many years of reading, from big publishers to the small indie published. Having seen too many covers like this, I devised these 6 tips to help give peo…

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