Day: May 17, 2016

Review of ‘Need to Find You’

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Yasmine Weeks, a drummer in a punk band, is given a phone by her friend, Mikiela Bellows with the plea that she protect it. Unsure what is on the phone, she is nonetheless determined to honor her friend’s request, even when she learns that it has information about famous author, Robert Cornish, a writer she knows nothing about. Whip Billings is an ex-cop who left Maine for Oregon to detox after getting hooked on drugs and alcohol during an undercover assignment with the Maine state police. Back home to attend his mother’s funeral, he’s asked by a crack dealer acquaintance to find his step-daughter, Mikiela, who has gone missing, and is feared in the clutches of the enigmatic and cruel drug lord known only as the Viking.

Yasmine’s path crosses with Whips when bodies start piling up in the wake of the Viking’s goons who are trying to kill her and retrieve the phone, which reportedly contains information that would damage the writer’s reputation, a reputation jealously guarded by his reclusive son.

Need to Find You by Joseph Souza is a knuckle-biting thriller that follows their torturous trail as they dodge assassins and betrayal at the highest levels of the local government. At the same time, it takes a dive into the deep end of the pool of human emotions as both wrestle with the demons of their past and their uncertain futures.

Fast-paced and gritty, this is a book that you shouldn’t start reading unless you have a few free hours ahead of you, because it’s impossible to put down until you reach the startling climax. It has a bit of everything, from police corruption to drug dealing to human trafficking, and a large dollop of intense internal emotions. You’ll get to know the two main characters as well as you know your next door neighbors, as they get to know each other—and themselves.

I received a free advanced review copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give it four stars.