Day: May 14, 2016

Review of ‘Bellingwood Boxed Set (1 – 3)’

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If you think life in a small town is boring, it’s for sure you’ve not read any of the books in the Bellingwood series by Diane Greenwood Muir and Jamie McFarlane. Tales of life in Bellingwood, Iowa, a small town in the middle of the Iowa plains, where everyone knows everyone else, and people never had to lock their doors until Polly Giller gave up life in Boston and returned to the small town life of Iowa that she knew as a child.

Bellingwood Boxed Set (1 – 3) contains the first three stories in the series, and chronicles Polly’s return to Iowa where she hopes to start her life anew. She buys the old school in town, which she hopes to convert into a community center, only to find two skeletons hidden in the ceiling, starting an adventure that brands her with the label of someone who finds dead bodies. In the process, Polly finds friendship and love—but, the bodies keep turning up in story after story until the town sheriff, the husband of one of her best friends, cringes every time her number shows up on his phone.

These are stories that will give you warm feelings with their details of interpersonal relationships in small-town America, and chill your blood with the mystery and suspense that keeps cropping up in Polly’s life. For a whole host of reasons, this is a great book to read curled up in front of a fire on a chilly, rainy day.

A four star offering.