Day: May 13, 2016

Review of ‘Terror Unleashed’

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Chin, a Triad leader and Shaolin master is upset. Garret Southam, his lawyer, has ripped him off for billions of dollars, and Shin can’t kill him because only he knows where the money is hidden. Since he can’t kill him, he tries to pressure him in other ways, but Southam was trained by the same Shaolin sifu as Chin, and is a hard man to break. Chin goes too far when he kidnaps Southam’s daughter, because he crosses Noah Reid, a young lawyer who is also being trained by Wu, the same master. Reid doesn’t think of himself as a violent man until Chin threatens the woman he loves, who just happens to be his boss’s daughter.

Terror Unleashed by Wesley Robert Lowe is nonstop action and intrigue as Noah faces off against Chin and his deadly minions. While the main action is in Hong Kong, there are scenes in the United States that were hard to relate to the main story. The story is also a bit too choppy in places, and some of the detailed description of kung fu rituals and procedures could be skipped after the first—for instance, the several detailed descriptions of the bow that takes place before and after a bout.

The author clearly knows martial arts and is familiar enough with Hong Kong and Asia to make the action and scenes credible. I enjoyed the story except for the cryptic scenes in the US which I had a hard time relating to the main action, and as I said above, the choppiness of the prose in places.

As an action novel junkie, I give the book five stars for theme, but have to deduct a couple for execution. So, I give this first effort three stars, but I’m sure like fine wine, this author will get better with time.