Day: May 12, 2016

Review of ‘Rhuna, the Star Child’

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Rhuna, the Star Child, lives in Atlan, a society now at peace after the defeat of the Dark Master. But, those who perform the Black Magic that he developed, are bringing dark forces back that threaten the peace and stability, and the only way Rhuna can fight them is with the aid of her long-lost father. Her task is complicated by the personal anguish she faces when her eldest daughter falls in love with the leader of the Black Magic movement. Torn between saving her adopted society and her family, Rhuna must make decisions that will have a devastating impact.

Rhuna, the Star Child by Barbara Underwood is an epic tale of ancient Egypt with undertones of the lost city of Atlantis that will keep your attention from the very first page. Magic blends with the hints of technology, blended with a fanciful take on ancient history and myth that will delight all. A story well told that will keep you reading until the final, somewhat enigmatic, chapter, it will make you want to know more.

Five stars!