Day: May 10, 2016

Review of ‘A Crabby Killer’

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There’s nothing funny about murder—unless it happens to have been committed on Mooseamuck Island off the coast of Maine, and Claire Watkins and Dominic ‘Dom’ Benedetti happen to be investigating it. The islanders aren’t too worried about the body of an ‘outsider’ being found stuffed inside a large crab pot on the eve of the island’s big crab festival, provided it doesn’t interfere with the festivities. Claire and Dom, though, are like old firehouse dogs, when a crime has been committed, despite their advanced ages, they answer the call of the firehouse alarm.

A Crabby Killer by Leighann Dobbs is a cozy mystery about two old timers, one a former criminal psychology consultant and the other a former cop, who, having solved a murder less than a year earlier, find excitement in the chase, even though they find it difficult at first to work with each other. They doggedly follow the clues, each with a different suspect in mind, until they literally stumble over the truth. Tense, but at times, immensely funny, this book is like a good crab boil—tasty.

I give it four stars.