Day: May 5, 2016

Review of ‘The Zero Patient Trilogy’

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The Zero Patient Trilogy by Harmon Cooper is, in my humble opinion, misnamed. But, then, I suppose the genesis of the title will become clear in either book two or three. In this sci-fi, dystopian, cyberpunk apocalyptic-future story, we meet Sterling, a gambler who lost a bet and now must kidnap a goddess from the society with which his society is at war or his wife and family will be killed; Halo, the goddess he must kidnap—she has a secret that can only be protected by allowing him to take her; and Hunter, a scrambled-brain assassin.

If that little intro sounds a bit scattered, that was deliberate, because I’m trying to give you an idea of this story. It is all over the place, like dandelion spores in a whirlwind. Cooper writes like a mad man. If you don’t believe me, check out the chapter when he introduces Hunter, and does it in the first person from Hunter’s point of view. Oh, you’ll have to get the book to do that, right? Hey, you’re quick on your feet. I’m recommending that you buy the book. I’m recommending you read it.

If you’re not into out-there, experimental fiction, this might not be your cup of LSD-spiked tea. But, if you like to get inside the characters and see what they’re made of, you’ll like the book.

I received an advance review copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give it four stars.