Day: May 2, 2016

Review of ‘Safe Harbor’

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Pat Tierney is a financial advisor, a widow with two daughters, living a relatively comfortable life until Jude Seaton comes to her office and informs her that her late-husband, Michael, was the father of 7-year-old Tommy, Jude’s son. She tells Pat that Tommy is in danger and asks her to care for him until she ‘takes care of some business.’ When Jude is later found murdered, Pat finds herself immersed in the bloody world of immigrant smuggling, body parts trafficking, and money laundering, and the target of a killer.

Safe Harbor, a first novel by Rosemary McCracken is a moving story of human relationships and the lengths to which a woman will go to protect her family. In addition, it is filled with suspense and action from page one. McCracken demonstrates a mastery of her craft that is seldom found in the first effort, with characters that you immediately love or hate, and action scenes that ratchet the tension to stratospheric levels.

We often think of good thrillers as books we can sink our teeth into, but this is one that will sink its teeth into you and hang on like an angry pit bull. If you think the life of a financial advisor is all about spread sheets and stock movements; think again. Pat Tierney is a protagonist to keep an eye out for.

I give this one five stars, and am keeping my eye out for the sequel.