Review of ‘Game of Fear’

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High school girl, Abbie Cooper, is an over-achiever with her life all mapped out. She’s basically a good kid who had to do something bad in a period of crisis, but that’s all behind her—she thinks. Then, one day she gets a threatening note in her locker, which leads to a demand for money.

Game of Fear by Glede Browne Kabongo follows Abbie through torturous ups and downs as she tries to identify her blackmailer, known only as the Avenger. A taut drama with loads of mystery and suspense, and a touch here and there of romance, a mixed genre story that I’ll put mostly in the thriller category. Once you start reading this story, it’s hard to put down until you finish.

On Goodreads this book is categorized as young adult, but in my view, the situations are a bit intense for that audience. Nonetheless, I give it four stars.


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