Review of ‘Lights of Love’

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In Lights of Love by C.S. Lane two worlds collide with cosmic results. Tessra El De LeRay is consumed with curiosity about the lights beyond the border of her magically protected home. When she’s caught after venturing outside, and using magic beyond the border, she is banished. Sent outside with no memories of her real past, and no magic, she encounters Payton Bennett, a combat veteran plagued by demons of his wartime experiences. At first, neither remembers that they’ve encountered each other before, but there is unmistakable chemistry between them. Into this mix is thrown the Shadow, a hired assassin, sent to eliminate certain targets for reasons he is not told.

A strange story; part fantasy, part science fiction, with a healthy dose of romance thrown, the author takes you on a roller coaster ride through a world that is so real you’ll be able to feel the heat and smell the body odors. An amazing combination of thriller and romance, this has to be put into the category of multi-genre—and, extremely well-done at that.

A great first novel that I happily give five stars.

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