Day: April 28, 2016

Review of ‘The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby’

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Above ground for two years, Toby, the boy created by scientists and given the ears of a rabbit—and other strange accouterments—sees a light fall from the sky. Curious, Toby goes in search of the source of the light, but there is someone else seeking it; someone who will go to any lengths to obtain the power the light represents.

The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby by Angela Castillo is the second book in the adventures of the strange little boy who wonders about the existence of his own soul, and in his quest, answers that question for many others. Beautiful descriptions and engaging situations make this a perfect book for young teens, or even younger readers; providing wonderful life lessons without preaching or overtly instructing.

Toby is an endearing and engaging character that even adults will identify with. I give this book four stars.