Day: April 12, 2016

Review of ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’

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Tabitha Vohn’s Tomorrow is a Long Time is a moving story about the power of love. Eileen ‘Lee’ Langley has been smitten, obsessed even, with actor Cal Morrison since seeing him in a movie when she was five years old. The problem, though, is that Cal is three decades older than she is.

An accomplished music composer and performer, at a concert in Europe, Lee encounters Cal, and discovers that their attraction is mutual. From this point in the book, it delves into the realm of science fiction, as they learn that a German scientist has developed a method of implanting memories of one person into another after putting both into a dream state, and during the process create alternate realities for both. Cal convinces Lee to join him in the experiment, and they embark on a dream journey that changes not just their lives, but the lives of those around them.

This is an intriguing book, with a theme that is profound in its implications, and with characters that are compelling in their depth. In places, the author does employ some wording that is a bit complex, forcing the reader to stop and ponder the meaning, but in the end it’s a worthwhile journey as it explores the deeper meaning of time.

I give Vohn four stars for an interesting story.