Day: April 6, 2016

Review of ‘Capturing the Cowboy’s Heart’

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Former rodeo champion Cade Tyler, sidelined by an injury and devastated over the loss of his wife in an accident, thinks that life has thrown him all the curves it can. Then, life throws stubborn, sassy, sexy reporter Lacy Dalton in his path. Cade doesn’t like reporters, and he doesn’t like stubborn. Unfortunately, he’s not so sure about the sexy part, and thus the sparks fly.

For her part, Lacy finds herself drawn to the morose cowboy, but the more she learns the more dangerous life gets for her. For someone’s out to destroy Cade and Lacy becomes another weapon they can use to do that.

Capturing the Cowboy’s Heart by Lindsey Brookes is an action-romance story that will appeal to even readers, even those who don’t normally read the romance genre. This is not your usual bodice-ripping, heavy-breathing frothy concoction that characterizes the run of the mill romance. Sure, there are the obligatory romantic scenes, and there is definitely a lot of heavy breathing, but there’s also some finely crafted action, and enough suspense to edge this book into fringes of the mystery genre.

Brookes could, if she keeps this up, entice me to read more romance novels. I give it four stars.

Top 1% Goodreads’ Reviewer

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1459554269-1459554269_goodreads_misc Have you ever opened your email and seen one that you’re tempted to delete without opening because it just seems highly improbable and is maybe a phishing scheme or an enticement to buy something? That’s kind of how I felt when I saw the subject line informing me that I was in the top 1% of Goodreads reviewers. I mean, sure, I write a lot of reviews and post them on Goodreads, but I wasn’t even aware that they were keeping track.


Turns out, though, that they were–are, and they let me know that since I signed up for Goodreads in 2010 I’ve done 704 reviews. Since I often review books here whenever I do Amazon or Goodreads reviews, that means I’ve done a few hundred here as well. Who’d of thunk it. Heck, I just like to read, and I like to share good books with others. Add to that my desire to see indie authors like myself succeed, and doing book reviews is a natural fit.

It hasn’t been all gravy, though. I’ve had a few authors take exception to my reviews when I didn’t give them four or five stars. Believe me, though, I’m a generous reviewer, and if I give a book three stars, chances are it’s actually a bit below that level. That, however, is not an assessment of the author of that book. Perhaps it’s just that the subject matter doesn’t impress me. More often than not, though, it’s because there are just too many technical problems; problems that can be solved with a good bout of proofreading or careful editing.

At any rate, this is, I know, just a bit of blatant horn-blowing and auto-back patting, but I just had to share this with all my readers. Oh, and if you haven’t discovered or signed up to Goodreads, you should really think about it. It’s not just a site for authors, but a good place to find the latest indie gems. Check it out at