Day: April 4, 2016

Review of ‘Arcene: The Island’

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After she and her canine companion, Leel, spend time alone, Arcene is picked up in a hot air balloon by her old friend, Fasolt. Caught in a storm, Arcene and Leel fall out of the balloon and end up on a strange island, with even stranger inhabitants, where she is drugged, judged, and then sentenced to The Hunt.

Arcene, however, has never been one to play by the rules of others. Angry at treatment she feels unfair, she uses all her abilities to turn the hunters into the hunted, and finds herself in a situation that has no clear outcome in sight. Will she prevail and save the islanders from themselves, or will she be consigned to never see her home or son again? Arcene: The Island by Al K. Line is the continuing adventure of Arcene, a 22-year-old woman forever trapped in a 15-year-old body.

The author skillfully switches back and forth between Arcene’s point of view and that of the enigmatic inhabitants of the island in an adventure that will keep you turning pages until the stunning climax. A fantastic pastiche of science fiction, dystopian thrills, and edge-of-the-seat adventure, that will get you hooked on a different kind of heroine.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review, and I give it an unbiased four stars.