Day: April 2, 2016

Review of ‘The Icarus Prediction’

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Jarrod Stryker is the Golden Boy of Wall Street. A Rhodes Scholar with a Harvard MBA, everything he touches turns to gold. Before coming to Wall Street, though, Jarrod had done a stint in the CIA, joining after 9/11, but when he took the blame for an operation gone wrong to cover for the woman he loved, he was dishonorably discharged from the Agency.

Now, he’s stumbled across a conspiracy that threatens not only his new-found wealth and celebrity, but the economic stability of the world. Jarrod has to call on his old lover and his former Agency comrades to stop a vicious terrorist before the world’s oil supply is severely disrupted, an event that could also bring down his boss and mentor, a man he thinks of as a surrogate father.

The Icarus Prediction by R. D. Gupta is a breathtaking thriller that zooms from the lofty heights of Wall Street to the rugged mountains of Central Asia, as Jarrod and his lover go up against a conspiracy involving the shadowy secret agencies of several countries. This is the kind of story that quickens your pulse with each turn of the page; with more twists and turns than a python with prey in its grasp. Once it gets hold of you, it never lets go until the end.

Giving this one five stars is a no-brainer.