Day: April 1, 2016

Review of ‘Deviation’

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Clementine ‘Cleo’ Dracone is a Sophisticate, a genetically altered individual, designed to handle functions beyond the capacity of Normal people. But, Cleo has a secret. When she is upset, explosive and uncontrollable things happen. When her explosive ‘talent’ is discovered, the Program transfers her out of her academic program and into a school where she is trained to be a ‘super’ soldier for the government. In this new school, Cleo meets new friends, and new enemies, and learns that there is more to the Program than she knew.

Deviation by Christine Manzari follows Cleo’s adventures as she adapts to new, and in some cases, deadly, circumstances. Technology that’s out of this world, but set in a world that is very familiar to all of us, it paints a picture that, though fanciful, is not far from the realm of possibility. Suspense, romance, betrayal, loyalty, discrimination, government over reach—the author covers a lot of ground in an entertaining and un-intrusive way. You won’t even be aware of the profound truths you’ve been exposed to until after you finish reading.

This one goes near top of my must-read list. I give it four stars.