Day: March 31, 2016

Review of ‘Lockdown’

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Ryan Lock, an ex-military cop with the British military, and his partner, retired Marine, Tyrone Johnson, work as a protective security detail for Meditech, a pharmaceutical/biotechnology firm that’s embroiled in a battle with animal rights activists. When the head of the animal rights group is gunned down on the front steps of Meditech immediately after brokering an agreement with the company’s CEO, Ryan and Tyrone find themselves engaged in a fight for their lives as threads of secret plots begin to unravel.

Lockdown by Sean Black is a fast-paced thriller, laced with lots of human drama, as Ryan first has to rescue the kidnapped son of an ex-Meditech scientist, and then finds himself up to his eyeballs in a conspiracy that threatens the lives of millions. Using his military skills, and the ability to cut through the emotional clutter to get the job done, Ryan faces off against the unscrupulous corporate structure that’s more concerned with the bottom line and public image than human lives and a terrorist who is willing to die to get revenge for her own suffering. The action starts on page one, and doesn’t let up until the explosive conclusion.

Enough here for the most avid thriller junkie. I give it five stars.