Day: March 26, 2016

Review of ‘Seeds of a New Power’

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In Seeds of a New Birth, a lab accident resulted in a new compound created by geneticist Lionel Adams being loosed on the world. Adams’ friend, Flip MacDougal has fathered several exceptional children, including two, Mel and Alp, that resulted from him being seduced by an unscrupulous psychic, Madame Sarrah.

In Seeds of a New Power by Orrin Jason Bradford, we join Alp after she has rescued her sisters from the facility where they’ve been imprisoned. She take them on the run, not only from their former captors, but from her brother, Mel, who has a sadistic streak and a propensity for murder.

I enjoyed book one, despite a few typos. Book two was also enjoyable, but compared to book one, was something of a disappointment. There were more typos and grammatical glitches (using ‘laid’ instead of ‘lay,’ for instance), and the author seemed to be rushing to get from point A to point B, rather than letting the story develop as he did in book one. Some of the scenes seemed a bit contrived—again, perhaps because they weren’t developed sufficiently.

A summary of book one was included at the beginning for those who hadn’t read it, or who read it a long time ago. I feel that any necessary back story could have been more effectively integrated into the story, but to the author’s credit, he did warn that anyone who’d recently read book one could skip the summary. Another weak area, in my view, though, was that chapter one of this book was largely a repeat of the final chapter of the first book.

The theme of this series is interesting, and this is an action packed story, which could be even better if only the author had taken more time to develop it. Seeds of a New Power, unfortunately, did not live up to the standard set by Seeds of a New Birth. I can only give it three and a quarter stars.