Day: March 13, 2016

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy, 34-36’

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I’ve been an adult fan of Werner Stejskal’s ‘Oliver and Jumpy’ series since reading the first one. These are great bedtime stories for the young ones, and my grandchildren love following the adventures of Oliver, the self-centered and elegant tom cat, who, along with his kangaroo friend, Jumpy, gets into all kinds of pickles, but always manages to come out okay in the end.

In Oliver and Jumpy 34-36, we learn how Oliver got his signature white top hat, see the antics he gets up to when he joins the circus, and go along with him and Jumpy when they’re asked to explore a ship wreck to retrieve a wedding tiara.

Elegantly (as Oliver) illustrated, each story contains a subtle lesson for the young ones, but primarily, they’re just entertaining. I give this one four stars.