Day: March 8, 2016

Review of ‘Rise to Power’

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The story of David, King of the Israelites, is one that has fascinated people for ages. The Songs of David rank among the classics of ancient literature. But, what did the slayer of Goliath think of himself? In Rise to Power, book one in the Chronicles of David, by Uvi Poznansky, we read the truth of David’s rise to power in his own words.

With his hands stained in blood, David chronicles his ascent to the throne in words that were not permitted of his biographers. Nearing the end of his life, he feels compelled to tell the ‘whole truth.’ Told in modern language, the reader is treated to a glimpse inside the tortured mind of a complex, driven man; driven by blind ambition that competes with a desire to be virtuous, forced to flee for his life from Saul, the first king, a man he both hates and loves in equal measure.

A story that once you start reading, you’ll be unable to put down. Readers who are turned off by less than obsequious treatment of biblical figures will find this novel disturbing, but the author’s deft touch with the language is compelling. I give it four stars.