Day: February 27, 2016

Review of ‘Mind Secrets’

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Michael wakes up in a strange hallway with no memories, with nothing but a knife in his hand and a strange woman calling his name—or, at least, he presumes it’s his name. What he does know is that he must flee. He encounters a man, Agent Cooper, who is chasing him, again, for what reason he does not know. After a struggle in the stairwell of the building, Michael stabs Cooper and makes his escape. Injured in the struggle with Cooper, Michael is afraid to seek treatment until a sympathetic nurse on a smoke break outside a nearby hospital takes pity on him and takes him inside to take care of his injuries.

Inside the hospital, Michael meets two teenagers and learns that they are ‘perceivers,’ people with the ability to tune into the emotions of others. Worse, he learns that the normal people fear them and that Cooper’s allies are enroute to the hospital to detain him. With the help of the two teens Michael escapes and enters the unknown world of the perceivers.

Mind Secrets by Jane Killick is a riveting sci-fi story that takes the reader on a harrowing journey as Michael struggles to recover his memories, a journey during which he discovers a startling and disturbing secret about himself.

Non-stop action that is not just a well-written sci-fi story, but an exploration of prejudice and betrayal that will leave you breathless.

I give it four stars.