Day: February 23, 2016

Review of ‘Colt’

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Nicholas Colt is a former rock star turned private detective. He works out of a trailer. October 21 is an unlucky day for him, a day on which bad things have happened in his past, so he decides the best thing to do on that day is dive into a bottle and wait for it to pass. Then, a young man comes to him asking his help to find the sperm donor responsible for his existence. Immediately afterwards, the young man disappears and Colt learns that two other children of the same sperm donor were killed on their 20th birthdays—just four days away for his missing client. Like a hound with a scent, Colt sets out to find the young man before his birthday and imminent demise, tangling along the way with a maniacal stalker with destructive tendencies and a biker gang with axes to grind.

Colt, the first offering in a new series by Jude Hardin is a gritty, no-holds-barred thriller that takes no prisoners and spares no sensibilities. Nicholas Colt is a man with a past, and a murky future, the quintessential anti-hero, but a character the reader can’t help but root for, and the cast of characters Hardin has assembled for this romp through murder and mayhem is first-rate in their madness. Started reading, and couldn’t put it down.

Like fine dark chocolate, Colt gets you hooked. I give it five stars.