Day: February 22, 2016

Review of ‘The Zen Man’

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Rich Levine is a disgraced ex-lawyer, currently a private investigator, and is aching to get his license back so he can practice law again. He and his current girlfriend, Laura, are operating a bed and breakfast in the mountains of Colorado, and hosting events for criminal defense lawyers in an effort to attract clients to his PI business. Things go off the rails when Levine’s flamboyant ex-wife is murdered at one of the events, and he’s the prime suspect.

Except for Laura, and a partially reformed hippie snowboarder who helps out around the B&B, Levine has no one he can trust—including his former law partner, Sam Wexler, who was having an affair with his ex-wife at the time of her untimely demise.

The Zen Man by Colleen Collins is a rollicking adventure as Levine races against the clock to prove his innocence. This is detective fiction with humor that is a mix of ‘Colombo’ and ‘The Three Stooges.’ You won’t be able to resist Levine’s ragged charm, and you’ll be sucked into his quest like a hair ball in a bathtub drain. Collins keeps you guessing until the end, and breathless at the climax.

Due to a few grammatical gaffes, I’m only giving it four stars.