Day: February 21, 2016

Review of ‘3 Lies’

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Tired of being on the corporate treadmill, and waiting for finalization of the divorce from his unfaithful wife, Clint Masters has acquired a boat, a dog, and a new girlfriend. His life seems to be changing for the better until, Beth, his new girlfriend, goes missing. No one, from her family or the authorities, seems to be willing to think anything is amiss, but Clint knows better. Moreover, he knows that Beth, in need of regular dialysis, is in danger of dying if she’s not found in time.

3 Lies by Helen Hanson is a riveting techno-thriller that follows Clint’s efforts to rescue Beth, while at the same time staying one step ahead of powerful forces that are determined to keep him in the dark. Told in a measured manner, the story follows Clint step by step as he penetrates the murky world of intrigue, greed, and secret intelligence, aided along the way be a British expatriate with an uncertain lineage, and a neophyte CIA analyst who has been thrust into a situation for which he’s woefully unprepared.

Once you start reading this book, I dare you to try to put it down before you get to the explosive, and surprising, climax. I give it five stars, and am salivating at the prospect of reading the next Clint Masters’ adventure.