Day: February 18, 2016

Review of ‘Skully, Perdition Games’

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When she was five, Gabriella LeBlanc was abducted by a monster. After several months of captivity and abuse, she was found by police walking on the frozen waters of Lake Superior, and the man who abducted her was found in an isolated cabin with his head smashed in.

Thirty years later, Gabriella disappears again after calling 911 and accusing her husband of assaulting her.

Toronto PI Samantha McNamara and her partner, former cop Reece Hash, are hired by the husband’s attorney to investigate and find information that will clear his client. In the course of the investigation, they uncover disturbing secrets about Gabriella, and a relationship between her and Samantha—and, Samantha has to deal with the demons of her own past.

Skully, Perdition Games by L. E. Fraser will chill your blood. Fraser explores the darkest depths of the human mind, and turns the concept of childhood innocence on its ear. Don’t read this one if you’re home alone at night.

I give it five stars.