Day: February 16, 2016

Review of ‘The Trinity’

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When Jacob Davidson is ordained as a priest, the ceremony is marred by the brutal murder of his mentor, Father Stephen Brentwood. Jacob then finds himself immersed in a plot far more sacrilegious than he could ever conceive. In the process of finding Stephen’s killer, Jacob learns dark secrets of his mentor’s past, and things he’s never known about himself, as he’s dragged deeper into the church and closer to the elusive head of the Trinity.

The Trinity by K. P. Ambroziak is a dark tale of the secret and twisted machinations of a religious order that will disturb those who believe in the traditions of the church. The author digs deeply into the forces that motivate those who believe, and those who exploit those beliefs.

A fine tale to read during the cold, dark days of winter. I give it four stars.