Day: February 12, 2016

Review of ‘Corrupt Skies’

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Air Marshal Harris Fox is burned out. Moving from the Baltimore PD to the Air Marshal Service to please his wife didn’t work—she still divorced him. He’s now frustrated because the demands of his job cut into the time he has to spend with his daughter. When a string of robberies that the FBI think are being conducted by a crew flying from city to city causes him to be put under cover to surveil a suspected crew, Fox’s life takes another drastic turn. The first assignment turns out to be a bust, but he gets a clue that leads him to suspect that Trenton Quinn, a fellow air marshal, is involved. What follows is a tense drama, leading to a final deadly confrontation at an isolated cabin in the woods.

Corrupt Skies: Episode 1 by Alex Rodgers is a serial centered around the main character, Harris Fox, and the mysterious Micah, who is introduced, but not identified as a bad guy until he kidnaps Fox’s ex-wife and daughter and sends Fox a cryptic message that has him off on another thrilling adventure.

I’m not usually a fan of serial novels that end on an unresolved cliff hanger, but I’m willing to make an exception in this case. Written in tightly written scenes, much like a TV series, this story will suck you in and leave you panting in anticipation of the next episode. I’ll give this one four stars.