Day: February 10, 2016

Review of ‘A Ghost for Christmas’

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Mele Keahi lost her job and her boyfriend, and she’s relocated to Destiny Bay, to the home of her Aunt Bebe, to decompress. All she wants is peace and quiet, but instead, she finds murder. She trips over the body of a man, murdered on her aunt’s doorstep, upon arrival. The local police have a long list of suspects, including Aunt Bebe, and Mele, and it’s up to her to find the real killer before the wrong person is charged.

In her quest to solve the case, in addition to her own investigative skills, Mele has help from a ghost from her Hawaiian past and a strange apparition that stalks her aunt’s garden.

A Ghost for Christmas by J.D. Winters is a sterling cozy mystery, with hints of romance—expected, since the author is a noted romance author—and healthy doses of mystery and paranormal phenomena. You’ll be tickled and tense from start to finish as Mele stumbles her way to a stunning conclusion.

It has a few typos that need fixing, but I give it four stars for chutzpah.