Review of ‘Quicker’

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Ell Donsai has a nerve mutation that makes her much quicker than the average human, In addition, she has a way above average intelligence. Her differences make her reluctant to form close relationships. While at the Air Force Academy, she develops an affinity for gymnastics and ends up being selected for the U.S. Olympic team. Shortly thereafter, Ell finds herself in the center of a deadly terrorist plot, and she has to use her amazing speed and intellect, not just to save herself, but to save the people she has come to care for.

A near future sci-fi tale with a strong female main character, Quicker by Laurence Dahners is the first book in a series that I predict will have a long and successful run. Crisp dialogue, lightning fast action, and characters you either love or hate, but cannot ignore, this is the kind of science fiction that should be considered for a SyFy channel series.

I give it four stars.

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