Day: January 29, 2016

Review of ‘Apocalyptic Fears II’

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Apocalyptic Fears II is a collection of 12 tales of the world after things fall apart. The 11 authors featured in this box set are at the top of their game in the indie and small press world, with an assortment of stories of what the world might be like after devastating war, alien invasion, and other assorted tragedies. I’ve already read several of these tales individually, and liked them, but it was nice to have them all together in one place for the time when I feel like binging. It was a treat to re-read such stories as ‘And then There Were Giants,’ by Greg Dragon. This collection of extremely tall tales is a great read for fans of the genre. There is something for every taste, including a zombie western.

Don’t miss out. I give it four stars.