Review of ‘I Will Breathe’

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It has been eight hundred years since the Great War. Liberty has grown up in this world, her home in an airship built by her adoptive father. Since he died, Liberty has been focused only on surviving from day to day, her only responsibility to herself. Then, she is given responsibility for a small, child-like robot.  From this small, mechanical creature, Liberty learns about love and humanity—she learns to ‘breathe’ for her new charge, and in the process, learns to live.

I Will Breathe by Regina Puckett is a look at a war-ravaged future that will tug at your heart strings. She shows how one can learn to be human through the power of love, even love of non-human creatures. Puckett is a master at creating a believable future world and populating it with characters that you can’t help but identify with and have empathy for.

A quick read, you’ll want to read it again and again. A solid five-star book!

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