Day: January 24, 2016

Review of ‘Black Sands’

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Danny Bowen was an activist hacker who founded a group called Nameless, designed to expose the global surveillance network. When the group started looking at bringing down governments, Bowen said no, and jumped ship—just in time, as a crackdown led to the other members of Nameless going to prison. The others, that is, except the brilliant hacker Cassandra who managed to outwit the authorities.

When Bowen, who is trying to change his black hat hacker status to something more respectable, is hired to investigate a hacking attack on a private equity company, he uncovers a plot even more deadly. He soon finds himself in a race for his life against the Russian Mafia and a sociopathic billionaire, and having to reconnect with Cassandra just to stay alive.

Black Sands by Carl Goodman is a compelling mystery with all the usual elements; good vs. evil, a flawed hero, and a deadline for the hero to solve the situation or else. Goodman starts off with high tension, and manages to ratchet it higher until it reaches an . . . no, I won’t tell you. Read it for yourself and find out. I give it four stars, if that’s any help in making you decide to read it.