Day: January 18, 2016

Review of ‘Seal of the King’

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The war between good and evil has been waging forever. David, a farmer in the modern world, and Aurora, a warrior in another dimension, have been having visions of each other since childhood. When Aurora’s life is threatened, a rift opens between their worlds, and David rescues her. As they learn each other’s histories, they also learn that they have a mission to fulfill, confront the dark one for a final showdown, but is faith enough to prevail.

Seal of the King by Ralph Smith is an interesting story, brilliant in places. It is really quite exciting for the first two thirds of the book, until it reaches the part where David and Aurora must vanquish the Dark One. Then, however, it takes a detour into their relationship for the rest of the book, telling an entirely different story.

The author is good with words, but needs to have a better grasp of plotting and theme – and not try to tell two stories in one book like this. I enjoyed both stories, just not both together like this.

I give Smith four stars for his wordsmithing abilities, but only three stars for this story.