Day: January 14, 2016

Review of ‘Deadly Coast’

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During WWII, the Japanese provided a horrible bio-weapon to the Nazis during the closing days of the conflict. The German U-boat transporting the weapon was sunk in the Gulf of Aden, sending the dangerous cargo to the bottom. When a group associated with al-Qaida, using Somali pirate raids as cover, mounts an operation to salvage this doomsday device, marine engineer Tom Dugan is once again caught in the middle of a deadly scheme.

Dugan and his partner Alex Kairouz are trying to negotiate the release of one of their crews taken by the pirates. When a link is seen between the pirates and terrorists, governments halt ransom negotiations, and the pirates began executing hostages. When one of his crew is murdered before his eyes, Dugan takes it personally, and mounts his own rescue operation. With a ragtag group of Texas roughs and Russian mercenaries, Dugan soon becomes the only thing standing between the world and Armageddon.

Deadly Coast by R. E. McDermott is another spine-chilling thriller in the Tom Dugan series, featuring the rough and ready Tom Dugan battling bad guys and bureaucrats to save his friends—and, in this case, the world. A stellar cast of characters and enough plot twists to set your head spinning and your heart racing to the stunning finale.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review.

I give McDermott five stars for this one.