Review of ‘The Demon Master’s Wife’

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In book 2 of the Forced to Serve series, The Demon Master’s Wife by Donna McDonald, Liam Synar and Ania Looren try to come to grips with the fact that Liam has made Ania an unwilling host to the demon, Malachi.

As Ania develops communications with the demon, she learns to trust him, and comes to terms with her own violent past. Meanwhile, Liam works hard to win back her love and trust. In this story, we’re also introduced to Dorian, Liam’s ship’s counselor, and Gwen Jet, a hybrid earthling, who are both drawn to and repelled by each other. Overlaying the complex couple relationships is the specter of Liam’s brother, Connor, who continues his quest to take control of Malachi.

This is a fascinating series; part fantasy, part sci-fi, and part interstellar romance, it contains action, explicit physical encounters, and a large dose of humor, setting it apart from most stories in any of these genres. A delight to read. The cliffhanger ending was a bit of a disappointment, but it has me itching to read the next in the series—so, I guess the author has achieved her goal with that tactic.

I give it four stars.

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