Day: January 12, 2016

Review of ‘The Demon of Synar’

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Captain Liam Synar is the unwilling master of the demon, Malachi. His father chose him over his older brother, Connor; and Connor is determined to wrest control over the demon from his brother, even if he has to kill him to do it.

When Connor orders an attack on Liam’s ship, Ania, Liam’s mate is shot saving his life. Liam then orders Malachi to enter Ania’s body to save her, but he keeps this from her, which is a betrayal of her oath as a peacekeeper.

The Demon of Synar by Donna McDonald is the first in the Forced to Serve series, introducing the characters and background of this epic space adventure. McDonald does a great job of outlining the complicated relationships between and among the characters, from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and weaving the presence of demons—creatures that have been condemned to a non-corporeal existence and forced to serve ‘masters’ for eternity.

A complicated tale of personal emotions and ambitions, it’s filled with action, drama, and bits of humor that will keep you reading until the cliffhanger ending. Looking forward to the further adventures as Ania learns that she’s now host to a demon, and how her relationship with Liam will be affected by this knowledge.

A very entertaining read. I give it four stars.