Review of ‘Common Denominator’

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When childhood friends Jess Freeman and Paul Noland attend an art show, Jess sees only paintings on the wall, but Paul sees a work of art that’s exquisite, and he’s smitten. Paul’s relationship with art curator Vanessa Reynolds, though, plunges him and Jess into a complicated art forgery scheme that threatens more than their lifelong relationship, it threatens their very lives.

Common Denominator by C. E. Wolff is a suspense novel that begins on a tense note, and keeps the blood rising until the surprising climax. A chilling story of love, trust, and betrayal that sets the bar high for the others in the genre. Wolff is a master of misdirection, keeping the reader guessing as the stakes are raised ever higher. Can the good guys prevail, or will they fall prey to a vicious madman and his duplicitous vamp of a daughter? You’ll have to read Common Denominator to find out.

Tight writing and extremely well-developed characters mark Wolff as a writer to keep an eye on. A five-star first novel!


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