Day: January 9, 2016

Review of ‘The Unforgivable Fix’

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With his wife dead, and his children out on their own, Seattle PD Detective Mort Grant is planning to sell his house. But, his wayward daughter, Allie, who has been the lover of one of the world’s deadliest crooks for four years, shows up asking for his help—she’s in danger from a Russian crime lord that her boyfriend has offended.

Mort’s in a quandary. This is a situation that only The Fixer, a female vigilante assassin that he crossed paths with and let escape. Now living as Lydia, a therapist, The Fixer finds her life turned upside down with the presence of Allie.

The Unforgivable Fix by T. E. Woods is a first rate thriller, with bigger than life characters coping with problems, big and small, set in the picturesque Northwest Coast of the U.S., and area that also has its underside.

This is thriller fiction at its best—there are no innocents here, and the ending will literally make your jaw drop.

This is the best I’ve read so far this year – five stars.