Day: January 8, 2016

Review of ‘The Witch’s Kiss 3’

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The Dark Prince is outraged; the Genie and Ezemalda have once again escaped him. Frustrated, he hires the dark queen, Lilith, to wreak vengeance upon the two. Unable to affect them directly, Lilith manipulates the feelings of the people of the kingdom to make them think the Genie’s dangerous.

The Witch’s Kiss: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark and the Light Side by Antara Mann continues the epic, and humorous, struggle between the good and evil that inhabits the world she’s created in these thoroughly delightful books. I particularly like that the author has chosen character names for her fantasy world that trip easily off the tongue rather than causing the tongue to trip.

The Genie and Ezemalda remind me of Nick and Nora Charles; all that is missing is a rambunctious pet dog.  A really entertaining read. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. I give it four stars.