Review of ‘Mutation Z: Drones Overhead’

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After an attack by zombie-hunting militia members kills Hunter Morgan’s wife and daughter, he is distraught, but barely manages to survive. He learns, though, that his friends were able to save the baby his wife carried. While visiting the hospital where the baby is being treated, he learns that instead of being treated, those infected with the Mutation Z virus are instead being sent to a secret government program where terrible things are being done.

Hunter is determined to bring the truth to light, but he must evade the militia and the authorities in order to do so.

Mutation Z: Drones Overhead by Marilyn Peake is the fourth in the Mutation Z series of chilling stories about government overreach and the unleashing of a deadly virus upon the world. While not quite up to the standards of the first three books, this story of Morgan’s efforts to get at the truth behind the government’s nefarious program and expose it to the world is still a welcome change from the usual zombie stories. A minor character in the first story, Morgan has quickly become the central focus of the stories, and as usual, even though many of the conflicts raised in this book are reconciled, the author has ended on something of a cliff hanger, which makes me anxious for the next book.

I give it four stars.

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