Review of ‘Physics of the Dead’

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What do the dead do when they’re stuck in limbo and can’t move on? Hart and Bowler, two ordinary, but dead, men, find themselves trapped in the center of a rather ordinary city, unable to pass through the wall, unable to sleep, and unable to communicate with most of the other dead ‘souls’ who transit their restrictive domain. They can see the living, some of whom are surrounded by a mysterious blue glow. They can also see the Beast, and be seen by him—and, be hurt by him.

There are no instructions, no angels to guide them. So, they must work things out on their own, and there appears to be an unknown timetable or some unnamed terrible thing will happen.

If you like fiction that challenges the mind, Luke Smitherd’s Physics of the Dead will delight you. This is a book that absolutely defies categorization, so don’t even bother trying. Just read and enjoy. I give it four stars.


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