Day: January 3, 2016

Review of ‘Strong & Wilde: The Complete Series’

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Cody Wilde made a promise to his dying father—he would always avoid trouble—a difficult promise to keep in a rural Texas town where he’s bullied by the sheriff’s son. Cassie Strong found it hard to understand why people always picked on Cody, who had only shown her sweetness and kindness. In fact, she was the only person to see the nice side of him. When tragedy strikes her life, Cody is there for her, and their friendship becomes something more.

As they enter adulthood, Cody tries to avoid becoming too attached to Cassie, but can’t continue to deny his feelings. When his childhood enemy reenters their lives, he resolves to keep Cassie safe, but when Cassie is raped, Cody is faced with a problem—he can protect Cassie only by violating the oath he made to his father.

The three Strong & Wilde series by L. A. Castillo follows Cody and Cassie from their teen years until the crisis of adulthood that forces them to make some life-changing decisions. Strong action, stronger emotions, and a harsh, demanding setting makes this a blistering read that is part romance, part thriller, and all fascinating. Strong characters facing mountainous challenges will keep you flipping pages, gnashing your teeth, and sitting on the edge of your seat.

I received a free copy of this three-book set in exchange for my review. I give it four stars.