Review of ‘Through the Narrows’

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British army lieutenant Hugh Pyke and Susquehannock warrior Wolf Tongue are brought together in another hazardous mission when they’re called upon to protect the settlement of Millers Town from Indian raiders. Upon arriving in Millers Town they discover that not only does it contain no militia, or even men with military experience, but that the town harbors secrets that endanger both men’s lives.

Pyke nonetheless sets about building some kind of defense with what the town has to offer, while at the same time having to watch his back against those in town who would gladly kill to protect their secrets. On the eve of the attack Wolf Tongue has to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the Indian chief leading the attackers.

Through the Narrows, book two in the Tomahawk and Saber series by Nathaniel Green and Evan Ronan is rich in historical details about pre-independence America and contains characters that are larger than life. For a peek at what life must have been like for our forefathers, this is historical fiction at its best.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. I give it five stars and look forward to more of the same in future stories.


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