Day: December 31, 2015

Review of ‘Deadly Straits’

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Maritime engineer Tom Dugan is a part-time informant for the CIA, but when he’s implicated in a hijacking and then asked to spy on his long-time friend and client, shipping company owner Alex Kairouz, he’s plunged deeper into the murky world of secret intelligence than he’d ever imagined possible.

Multiple attacks, including a tanker found adrift near Singapore with its crew murdered, and a deadly attack in the Panama Canal, deepen the mystery; leaving Dugan to believe that an even deadlier attack is still imminent.

Dugan teams up with British Intelligence, a determined Panamanian cop, and a Russian special operations team to head off a disaster that could kill tens of thousands and plunge the world into war.

Deadly Straits by R. E. McDermott is an ace thriller, covering the globe from the pirate infested waters near Singapore, to the Panama Canal, to the beautiful Bosporus Straits, and is laced with a thrill a minute and details of ships and shipping that could only come from someone who has had long experience on the briny. Layered with political intrigue, this is a book for the diehard thriller fan.

One of the better thrillers I read in 2015. I give it five stars.