Review of ‘Swindle Town’

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PI Gen Delacourt is hired by the owner of an exclusive club to find out why her club has so many missing wine bottles. Her investigation leads to another exclusive club where she finds the patrons are victims of a scam being run by the club’s beautiful owner, Amanda Grant. Then, to add to her complications, she’s hired by Amanda to find out who is sending her threatening notes. Gen’s life takes an unexpected turn when Shiloh James, a childhood friend of her boyfriend, SFPD detective Mack Hackett, becomes romantically involved with the owners of both clubs.

Swindle Town by Molly Greene, the fifth book in the Gen Delacourt mystery series, is a different kind of mystery. While there’s plenty of action, unlike other mysteries, there aren’t dozens of corpses piling up page after page; just a finely-crafted story with enough twists and false leads to keep you wondering who the bad guy or gal is until Gen wraps it up and ties it with a beautiful bow near the end.

Greene handles her characters well, so well that you love some and feel sorry for others—the hallmark of fine fiction. I’d love to give this book five stars, but there were a few too many typos, so I’m giving it only four.


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